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NEW  Core-Shell technology for optimum speed, resolution and sensitivity.  Multiple bonded phase choices for Hydrophobic, dipolar and hydrophilic interactions

SpeedCore BIO

NEW Core-Shell technology for optimum speed, resolution and sensitivity in Biomolecule research.  Choose between protein and peptide phases

Fortis C18

Use for general chromatographic methods requiring C18 chemistry, high efficiency, excellent peak shapes,  wide pH range 1-12.

UHPLC to prep scale particle sizes

Fortis Diphenyl

Use for unique selectivity, particularly metabolite profiling such as positional isomers or minor changes in functional groups.

Fortis H2o

Polar endcapped C18  chemistry.  Provides increased polar retention.   Typically used for hydrophilic analytes, amino acids, organic acids and catecholamines.

Fortis C8

Use for general HPLC/UHPLC method development.  Highly suitable for Lipids, steroids and highly hydrophobic analytes.

Fortis HILIC

Use for retention of highly polar molecules that require the use of Hydrophilic  Interaction Chromatography


Alternative selectivity to ‘bare silica’ for use in HILIC mode.  Use for the retention of highly polar molecules that require the use of Hydrophilic Interaction Chromatography.

Fortis Cyano

Use for separation of explosives, Pesticides and Steroids.  Can be used in Reverse Phase (RP) or Normal Phase (NP).

Fortis Amino

Use for separation of Saccarides, Oligonucleotides and Steroids.  Reproducible and robust bonding.

Fortis BIO

Use for peptide and protein separations.  300Å pore size and optimised bondings for peptides and proteins.

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