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Fortis Evosphere has a high surface area (350m2/g) as per many modern Type B porous silica’s, this allows loadability of compounds to be high for purification purposes.

Evosphere is available from capillary scale dimensions all the way upto preparative columns.

If you compare this to core-shell particles which typically have a surface area in the region of 130m2/g you will quickly see overload and compromised peak shapes, meaning scale up of methods can be difficult.

Evosphere C18/PFP1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A17L1
Evosphere C18/AR1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A17L1
Evosphere RP-18 Amide1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A20L60
Evosphere Diphenyl1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A15L11
Evosphere Phenyl-Hexyl1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A14L11
Evosphere PFP1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A13L43
Evosphere AQUA1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A18L96
Evosphere C121.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A17L87

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