Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatography


All Fortis products are available on our 1.7µ particle for use in UHPLC.

  • Use Fortis 1.7um particles as a traditional UHPLC Column
  • Use Fortis 1.7um to increase speed and resolution of analysis
  • 1.7um FortisBIO for peptide and protein analysis

The high surface area of 1.7µ Fortis UHPLC columns gives you the choice to lower backpressure or increase retention and resolution.

Choose from a wide range of phase chemistries in order to gain the resolution you require with the high efficiency of a 1.7µm UHPLC particle:

1.7um Fortis C18

  • General UHPLC use
  • Method Development from pH 1-12

1.7um Fortis H2o

  • Polar endcapped
  • Increased polar retention

1.7um Fortis Diphenyl

  • Unique di-phenyl structure
  • Metabolite profiling
  • Seperate positional isomers
Metabolites | Positioning Isomers | Hydrophic/Hydrophobic analytes

1.7um Fortis C8

  • General UHPLC use
  • Method Development
Lipids | Seroids | Highly Hydrophobic Analytes

1.7um Fortis HILIC

  • High polar retention
  • Homogenous silanol concentration
  • Improve MS sensitivity
Carboxylic acids | Nucleobides | Vitamins

1.7um Fortis HILIC Diol

  • Alternate selectivity to bare silica
  • Stable bonding
  • HILIC or Normal phase mode
Steroids | Proteins | Metabolies

1.7um Fortis Cyano

  • Cyano functionality
  • Reversed phase or Normal phase
Explosives | Pesticides | Steroids

1.7um Fortis Amino

  • Reproducible, Robust bonding
  • Reversed phase, Normal phase or Ion exchange mode
Saccandes | Oligonucleotides | Steroids

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