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NEW Monodisperse particles for increased Resolution

NEW Monodisperse particles for enhanced Resolution of analytes

New core shell particles for Biomolecule analysis

Analyse Biomolecules with high resolution and sensitivity

Polar embedded RP18-Amide stationary phase

Enhance selectivity with a new SpeedCore RP18-Amide phase

Separation of Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3

Application on Fortis H2o of Vitamin D2 and D3 separation

Pharmaceutical Applications on SpeedCore particles

Applications of pharmaceutical compounds

High Resolution Seperation of Nucleosides in UHPLC

Nucleosides transfer into UHPLC from analytical

Transfer of Methods from HPLC to UHPLC

What Calculations do I need?

Applications of a New HILIC phase

Seperations of highly polar molecules

Unique Diphenyl functionality and selectivity in LC and LC-MS

Highly unique selectivity for metabolites

NEW Monodisperse Particles for HPLC – How do they work

How do Monodisperse particles for LC improve efficiency and resolution

Selectivity with a SpeedCore C18-PFP stationary phase

Obtain orthogonal selectivity using a C18-PFP phase

Separation of 22 Common Amino Acids

22 Amino acids in a simple separation

Comparison of New Core-Shell (SpeedCore) particles

Comparison of Core-shell, selectivity differences

Evaluation of Stationary phases for Environmental Analysis

Analyse PAH’s, Phenoxy acids, Herbicides

UHPLC of Biomolecules

Use of 1.7um particles to seperate Biomolecules

Using PFP stationary phases for selectivity

A new PentaFluoroPhenyl (PFP) stationary phase

Selectivity of Core-Shell (SpeedCore) particles

Choices in stationary phase to aid method development

Considerations in the Analysis of Biomolecules

Choices such as pore size, and buffer

Correct Connection of UHPLC Columns

Use the right fitting to ensure no dead volume

A New UHPLC Column for Polar Analyte Retention

1.7um Polar endcapped stationary phase

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