UniverSil columns are an economical alternative to many of the older brands on the marketplace. UniverSil BIO is designed to be a replacement for your old Vydac columns. All of the phases have very similar physical characteristics meaning that UniverSil will provide similar selectivity and resolution to your current chromatography.

Use UniverSil to upgrade your method in terms of peak shape, robustness and reproducibility, or just to provide an economical alternative to your current column. UniverSil silica is a new Type B silica meaning improved peak shape and improved lifetime.

UniverSil BIO is a suitable alternative to the Vydac phases below:

VydacFortis EquivalentPhase ChemistryEndcappedBonding Type%C
218TPUniverSil 218BIOC18YesPolymeric8
201TPUniverSil 201BIOC18NoPolymeric8
208TPUniverSil 208BIOC8YesPolymeric5
214TPUniverSil 214BIOC4YesPolymeric3
238TPUniverSil 238BIOC18YesMonomeric4

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