SpeedCore is the very latest in core-shell technology for use in HPLC and UHPLC. Designed to offer enhanced efficiency, speed and resolution of analysis.

Available in eight phase chemistries, ensuring that a diverse range of Hydrophobic, Dipole and Hydrophillic interactions are available in order to gain retention and resolution. Orthoganol selectivity is now provided by the new C18-PFP and RP18-Amide stationary phases:

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SpeedCore C182.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A10L1
SpeedCore Diphenyl 2.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A7L11
SpeedCore C18-PFP2.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A8L1
SpeedCore RP18-Amide 2.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A9L60
SpeedCore PFP 2.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A6L43
SpeedCore HILIC 2.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 AN/AL3
SpeedCore AQUA 2.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A7L1
SpeedCore C82.6um or 5um140 m2/g80 A5L7

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