Evosphere® columns are the very latest in HPLC particle technology. Incorporating our optimised bonding and packing practices with a fully porous monodisperse particle, providing the analyst with the ability to  significantly increase efficiency and resolution over ‘traditional’ 3µ & 5µ particles.

  • Monodisperse – High Efficiency
  • High Loading, unlike core-shell
  • Scaleable to Prep, unlike core-shell
  • Surface Area 350m2/g
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Evosphere C18/PFP1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A17L1
Evosphere C18/AR1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A17L1
Evosphere RP-18 Amide1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A20L60
Evosphere Diphenyl1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A15L11
Evosphere Phenyl-Hexyl1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A14L11
Evosphere PFP1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A13L43
Evosphere AQUA1.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A18L96
Evosphere C121.7um 3um & 5um350 m2/g100 A17L87

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