HPLC and UHPLC Columns for Chromatography

We are a HPLC Column company founded on Research, Development and Manufacture of the latest HPLC and UHPLC columns


Evosphere HPLC Columns
Evosphere HPLC Columns

We manufacture and supply a full range of RP and NP stationary phases, packed in analytical, capillary and preparative sizes.

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Application Note – Mycotoxins

Aflatoxins are mold growing on various food substances.  Highly toxic to humans and animals with…

Application Note – PFAS

Analysis of PFAS compounds (PerFluoroAlkyl Substances) is a topical conversation currently since the environmental and…

Our Products


Monodisperse Particles

Monodisperse Fully Porous Particles (MFPP) are available for analytical and bioanalytical separations.  The next generation of efficiency, selectivity and scalability within HPLC.  Find out how MFPP can improve your separations

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Core Shell

SpeedCore is the very latest in core-shell technology for use in HPLC and UHPLC.  Designed to offer enhanced efficiency, speed and resolution of analysis.

Available in eight  phase chemistries, ensuring that a diverse range of Hydrophobic, Dipole and Hydrophillic interactions are available to gain  Orthoganol selectivity.

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All Fortis products are available on our 1.7µ particle for use in UHPLC.

  • Use Fortis 1.7µm particles as a traditional UHPLC Column
  • Use Fortis 1.7µm to increase speed and resolution of analysis
  • 1.7µm FortisBIO for peptide and protein analysis

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