Particle Morphology

Evosphere silica particles are manufactured to provide a high degree of monodispersity and a uniform smooth surface.  Monodispersity generates high efficiency HPLC columns due to the reduced flow path dispersion.

SEM immagery of Evosphere particles in comparison with traditiona polydisperse particles highlights the much narrower size distribution.

Particle Size Distribution (D90/10)

When assigning a measurement to characterize a particle size distribution the ration of D90/10 is often quoted, and as such can be used to gauge the degree of size uniformity of the particles.

As the particle size disitribution for chromatographic silica moves towards monodisperse the D90/10 value tends towards a value of 1.

 Monodisperse SilicaCommercial 3u
Silica A
Commercial 3u
Silica B
Median Particle Size
SEM Particle Size3.0um2.8um3.3um
Pore Volume0.890.880.89