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Fortis SpeedCore

Fortis SpeedCore is our core-shell particle for high efficiency separations without the backpressure of UHPLC.  We have choices of C18, Diphenyl, PFP and HILIC stationary phases to combine resolution with high efficiency.

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1.7um UHPLC Column

Fortis Ultra High Pressure columns (UHPLC) are designed to offer resolution as well as high efficiency, Available with a choice of 10 stationary phases to aid in selectivity

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ASMS 2015 - 31st May -4th June. St. Louis

We will be attending this years ASMS show, will you ?  If you are please take the time to talk to our technical staff about what Fortis HPLC and UHPLC columns can improve for you.

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The new SpeedCore columns offer high efficiency, high resolution separations to those wishing to use a core-shell particle. Choose from C18, Diphenyl, PFP or HILIC to enhance selectivity

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The new updated UHPLC Product Guide is now available, if you wish to receive  a copy please click here >> 

ASMS 2015 - St. Louis, MO   Booth # 177

Fortis Technologies will be exhibiting at the upcoming ASMS show in St. Louis.

Come and speak to our technical staff about new products and how Fortis HPLC columns can help improve your separations.  We have a wide range of core-shell, UHPLC and traditional particle choices to aid you whatever the requirement.

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