Surface Area - 175m2/g

Pore Size - 140Å

% Carbon - 11%C

UniverSil columns are an economical alternative to many of the older brands on the marketplace from Alltech, Macherey-Nagel, Hypersil and Waters.  Many of the phases have very similar physical characteristics meaning that UniverSil will provide similar selectivity and resolution to your current chromatography. 

Use UniverSil to upgrade your method in terms of peak shape, robustness and reproducibility, or just to provide an economical alternative to your current column.  UniverSil silica is a new Type B silica meaning improved peak shape and improved lifetime.

UniverSil C18 is a suitable alternative to  :

 Alltech ODS2Alltech  220m2/g
Alltech Exsil C18 Alltech  220m2/g
Hypersil ODS Thermo Electron 170m2/g 
Hypersil BDS Thermo Electron 170m2/g 
Nucleosil 120 C18 Macherey-Nagel 200m2/g 
 Pinnacle C18Restek 170m2/g 
Spherisorb ODS1 Waters 200m2/g 
Sperisorb ODS2 Waters 200m2/g 
Supelcosil LC18 Supelco 170m2/g 
Ultrasphere C18 Beckman 200m2/g 
YMC ODS-A YMC 170m2/g 
Zorbax Rx-C18 Agilent 180m2/g 

UniverSil™ C18 is a trademark of Fortis Technologies Ltd. Spherisorb® is a registered trademark of Waters Corporation. Alltech® and Exsil® are registered trademarks of Alltech. Zorbax® Rx C18® is a registered trademarks of Agilent Technologies. YMC® is a registered trademark of YMC. Pinnacle® is a registered trademark of Restek. Nucleosil® is a registered trademark of Macherey Nagel. Hypersil® is a registered trademark of Thermo Electron. Ultrasphere® is a registered trademark of Beckman Coulter. Supelcosil® is a registered trademark of Supelco. Fortis is not associated with these companies. Comparative separations may not be representative of all applications. All columns are original manufacturers own.