Technical Information and Applications

Fortis Technologies can provide help, support and advice with all your HPLC column queries.  Several reference pages are available which support chromatographers with their questions regarding technical issues:

Applications Database | Applications on Fortis phases

Application Notes | Application Notes on Fortis stationary phases

Common HPLC Buffers  | Commonly used HPLC buffers

Guards and Filters | Correct use of filters and Guards in HPLC and UHPLC

HPLC Column Care | Learn how to care for your HPLC column

Posters | Technical posters shown at recent conferences

UHPLC Method Transfer | Help in tranfering analytical methods to UHPLC

USP Codes | United States Pharmacopie codes for HPLC columns 

Fortis Technologies can also provide support with application development, please contact us for advice on applications, method development and for us to search our databases to help  with your specific application requirement.