Preparative Scale

Possessing the ability to accurately scale up from analytical scale to prep scale is often imperative to the chromatographer.  Fortis Technologies gives the analyst freedom to do this by supplying its technologically advanced bondings not only in a range of hardware for analytical scale but also in semi-prep 10mm, and prep 21.2mm, 30mm and 50mm sizes.

Fortis surface area is 380m2/g providing plenty of capability for high mass loading as a prep-LC phase. Excellent surface coverage allows the analyst confidence that no compromise in surface interactions is made.  High pH range of Fortis C18 also allows for increased load capacity of basic analytes. This silica template allied with the High pH C18 ligand means that no compromise on chemical or physical stability has been made, leading to the most robust of prep phase combinations.

Provided with a range of particle sizes from 3um to 10um the analyst can be confident that the robustness and reproducibility are present whichever scale they wish to work on.

Fortis Technologies mixture on 3µm, 5µm and 10µm particles 

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Guard solutions are available for all our prep sized columns.  Bulk packings can also be supplied allowing for scale up to DAC (Dynamic axial compression)level. Please enquire as to the availability and prices.